Forget the old way of tracking Car PR success: clips, impressions and circulation. We believe in driving sales and increasing your bottom line. We’re your partner, and if you’re making more money, we’re doing our job.

-Dan Kahn

Founded in 2008, Kahn Media is a team of technology, media and automotive enthusiasts that blend car PR, marketing and social media to create cohesive, cost-effective campaigns that expand your company’s market share and create a community around your brand using new media tactics at reasonable rates.

Campaigns designed and executed by Kahn have helped clients rapidly grow their business, gain market share, expand their customer base and launch new products. Kahn’s hybrid print/digital media campaigns garnered over half a billion unique impressions in 2008 alone. To see examples of social media marketing at work, call Kahn Media for an in-person strategy session. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to speaking with you soon. For examples of our work, client references and rate information, please contact us.