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Automotive Video Feature | Carl Casanova

  • Creative
  • Demo

Title: No Regrets: Carl Casanova
Client: Hotchkis Sport Suspension
Type: Automotive Video Feature
Date: January 10, 2013

This automotive video feature was created to highlight the lifestyle and passion of enthusiasts associate themselves with the Hotchkis brand.

As most productions, No Regrets started out just like any other. In the initial stages, it consisted of an idea and a general shot list. After planning and coordinating with Hotchkis Sport Suspension and Carl Casanova the story started to develop. After compiling footage from previous track events, capturing new track content and multiple days of filming on location in Mr. Casanova’s home garage, this automotive video feature took form. Several days of editing, close attention to detail, and collaboration with the whole Kahn Media team polished the feature and made it enjoyable to watch Mr. Casanova write the next page of his Camaro’s story.

“I can always fix it. I can never go back and do it again” This is the motto of Hotchkis H-Team member Carl Casanova. On any given weekend you will find him tearing up a local autocross, pushing his limits on a racetrack, out enjoying local mountain roads, or just cruising along California’s famed Pacific Coast Highway in his 1968 Camaro RS. In May of 2013, Carl will be campaigning his car in the grueling One Lap of America race. Over eight days, Carl, his car, and his co-driver will travel through 14 states and endure 20 different events that include wet handling, dry handling, stopping, drag racing, and no less than 15 separate Time Trials at some of the best race tracks in the US. Carl will also be running this race to benefit the Honor Flight Charity – an organization that flies Veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials.