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Off-Road Lifestyle | VWerks

  • Creative
  • Demo

Title: VWerks Compilation Video
Client: VWerks
Type: Automotive Video Feature
Date: November 12, 2012

This SEMA Compilation video conveys the Off-Road Lifestyle image that VWerks aims to project their brand image.

The VWerks off-road lifestyle compilation was created to be the highlight film in the VWerks booth at SEMA Show 2012. It would be used as a selling tool for their automotive public relations and marketing campaign so it had to clearly represent the clients image. In order to keep the look and feel authentic, multiple teams were assembled to portray a variety of demographics that would make up the target market. The process was thoroughly thought through as this would be a relatively large undertaking. Concepts and shot lists were completed before production was under way.

This project required the creative team to travel to several remote locations across the country. Various VWerks vehicles were utilized for this compilation of off-road footage in. Some of the footage is from Moab, Utah, some of it from the sand dunes in Michigan, and others from off-road recreational parks in California.

Multiple videographers and photographers collaberated on this task with our art director and editor to ensure that all of the footage came together to create a cohesive off-road lifestyle piece that would further the clients PR and marketing campaign.